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#1 AI Tool for College Students

Image: DocXter's chat window with Custom Prompts

Exams, Assignments, Notes, Travel, Research, Resume, etc.
Ace Your College with DocXter!

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The College Scene

Assignments, lectures, notes, textbooks, etc.
But, what about parties, traveling, exploring the city, and more?

Last-Minute Research

Swiftly extract key insights from documents with AI, when you need them, fast!

Critical Analysis

Quickly analyze any document to strengthen your understanding and proficiency.

Personal Study Guide

Get customized notes and important information info from your notes and textbooks.

Project Hero

Conquer group projects by streamlining collaboration and merging individual work.

Resume Amplifier

Use AI to highlight your top achievements and skills in a polished, professional resume.

The stage is Yours

Customized study guides from the most important info from your notes and textbooks.

Make College Fun and Full of AI-ction!

Supercharge Your Career Success

Your AI buddy for everything college.

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Always Excel with DocXter's AI

Always ready for the next adventure, just like you! By your side, always!

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Image: DocXter explaining about an Arts Class Syllabus pdf
Image: DocXter explaining about an Arts Class Syllabus pdf

Become a Document Superhero with AI Powers

Learning, working, notes, legal documents, resume...you name it, DocXter handles it!
Every document, anything, in the way you want, and in the language you speak!


More than just information...

Use DocXter's AI powers to go beyond average. Find insights, connections, vital information, and more, instantly!


Don't just interact Take Control!

Assistant ✅, Teacher ✅, Sidekick ✅, and more... Personalize your conversations, down to the finer details!


Simple for Everything Complex...

Say goodbye to confusion, complexity, and everything in between. Understand and decode any document with ease!

Don't Think, Just DocXter it!

Take your capabilities to the max with AI.
Learn Better, Understand Complex, Apply Perfection, and more with DocXter.

Unlimited Documents/dayAdaptive ResponseCustom Prompt(s)Extended Page Limit
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the DocXter, Our FAQ section has you covered

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