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Maximize Productivity, Minimize Effort

Modern features to power real-time collaboration, multiple-document analysis, a suite of AI models to choose from, and more.

Multi-document Analysis

Upload and interact with multiple documents at once. Multiply your results!

Multi-document Analysis

Real-Time Collaboration

Share documents with team members and use real-time interaction to collectively drive results.

Real-time Collaboration


Select from a suite of the latest AI models to power precise and awesome interactions.

AI Model selector
Process content from images using OCR


Decode more than just text. Turn your physical documents into a searchable knowledge hub, instantly!

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AI Powers to Empower Your Journey!

Documents are a big part of our life. They just change names and formats. Get smarter excel at everything, with your AI-sidekick DocXter!

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Last-Minute Research

AI driven insights to find the perfect sources so you can ace that paper or exam coming up. DocXter has your back when crunch time hits.

The Wall of Xceptionals

It's your time to wear the cape and become a document superhero!

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